Clothing , Apparel, and my favorite: Accessories – I know we need clothing, but don’t you think we all need to have fun with it!  We all love to save money while we are at it.. right?  Enjoy the savings and the variety below.  I have sourced the best pricing, and some unique selections below:


Sweater Weather is upon us and what is better to wrap yourself in than Cashmere? Cashmere Boutique lets you buy the best for less, so that you can buy more!


Naked Zebra is a trendsetting online shopping site. Everything from new dress styles to rompers and jumpsuits. All you need to be “in style” for the new spring season. Carrying even those special occasion needs for weddings, office wear, vacation must haves, and of course “girls night”.

Naked Zebra


American success story, WSS Shoes, has shoes for the entire family. Everyone and every footwear need is covered on this site. Shoes for work, shoes for play, from the office or job site to the backyard or beach; from the court to the field.  Sport’s shoe to fun skate shoes, WSS Shoes has it all.


Pop Culture Cult Classics the TV Store Online is an American success story. Basement start up in 2004, and growing into a 30+ employee American company with thousands of available items; the TV Store Online has what you are looking for. Pop Culture’s genres, Television, Movies, Music, Comics, Science Fiction are celebrated. No Limit to the available items. Order Expedition quick & easy.

Wedding Watches & Bracelets by Deewatch-Getting married? Congratulations! We know there is a lot to prepare and think about before the wedding. Even on the big day, there are often a lot to keep track of and a timetable to follow. If you want a watch for practical reasons, but do not think it fits into the wedding dress, we have the solution for you! Deewatch Pure White is a series of Jewelry Watches and Bracelets specially designed for weddings.


 Deewatch is not just for weddings. They have a beautiful selection for anyone and every occasion. Workday, weekend, where ever the wind may take you. See more about Deewatch here: