Artists are living in the most exciting of times! The availability to create is unlimited. There are no limits of mediums, exposures, or inspirations. We can still paint, use charcoals & crayons, immerse our hands in clay; but we can also experience new forms of creation. Advanced ways to let you work be seen by the world are emerging consistently also. As an amateur artist, I will diligently seek out new and exciting offers in the creative world we in which we live, and bring them to you here in “Artist’s Interest”.

3D Computer Art for the Masses-Professionals use DAZ 3D for many of the movies, anime, games and other mediums you see everyday. Now you too can use the program that assists them in their creations. FREE Download of DAZ Studio!DAZ Studio 4 - Create 3D Art for Free


Build Your Own Artist Website: In these days of our cyber world, there is few better places to showcase your works of art than on the web. Let this 18 year veteran of website building show you how its done. Discover her secrets here.


Earn Cash for Your Photos- DigiCamCash pays you for your amateur photos. Learn how to make money doing what is fun to do. No more office, No more boss, No more grind. Go Here for More:


HDR Hero Lightroom Presets-Never get a bad shot again! HDR Hero Includes: 100 one-click presets for instant results with a wide variety of different HDR effects & 60+ stackable workflow presets that allow you to quickly process your photos with unlimited possibilities and full flexibility.


Art Projects shipped right to your door!

Since the dawn of human existence, we have produced Art. Cave dwelling paintings, to the sculptures of Greek Gods; humans must release their artistic spirits. You can try this service for one month, just to check it out or subscribe for six months. Projects have included everything from Sgraffito Painting to Street Art kits.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” This interesting quote by Edgar Degas

I believe Art is also the enjoyment you receive in producing it; may it be from a blank white canvas or a lump of grey clay! Image result for sculpture art pictures

Everything you need to enjoy the Art Project is included in your monthly kit.

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The wonderful works of Art that are created daily are ones of inspiration, and dedication. There are never ending ways to create and exhibit our visions; the world of Art is ever expanding to include different mediums. Whether you are a professional or a ‘doodler’; enjoy what you do and how you do it. Let inspiration take hold of you, and in turn, create to inspire others.