Back from California

Well I want to apologize for this not being very timely, however we all know how life can get too crazy and that is my only excuse…now onto the story.

San Diego is a beautiful area. Quite a bit more congested than I am use to, but the city planners knew what they were doing. The amount of people that can move from one area to another is quite astounding.

The hilly terrain and ocean views are magnificent and well worth a visit.  I must be honest though and say that May “Grey” & June “Gloom” are not the best months to visit. They live up to their names. We had very damp, cool weather with heavy clouds and fog, as you can see from the pics.

Image result for gloomy san diego picturesSan Diego, California, Waves, Ocean, Beach, Gloomy

That did not stop us from enjoying the local hot spots, including Tony’s in Oceanside where for $8 you can have a delicious 21 ingredient Bloody Mary! (well worth the visit) Also enjoyed the wonderful seafood dishes that are always a #1 on my beach side visits, be sure to stop in at the Lighthouse in Oceanside where they have a ‘to die for’ Coconut Shrimp! Their Crab cakes were quite a delight as well!

In town, check out the Crack Shack at 2266 Kettner Blvd, for everything chicken (and other dishes). It is a brewery occupying what used to be a service station, quite a fantastic idea and location! With several great taps to choose from, and more than enough food items, it is a wonderful stop on the way home to check the scores or watch chickens roaming through the yard (on their big screens).

Be sure to do the trolley tour! It is a great way to see the sights without the hassle of finding parking and getting in and out of the car. The tour guides are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. You can see all the popular sights while riding in an old fashioned trolley car with great views and for a decent price!

The San Diego Airport is one of the easiest I have ever had to deal with, and I have dealt with plenty! Traffic flows in one way, and pick up areas are expansive and quick moving. Like the rest of San Diego’s traffic-well planned out, even for a stranger in a strange land.

Well since it was a 3 day visit, I haven’t much else to write on. I will say that San Diego is a great destination and I will attempt to make more of a visit there next time. Please do take the opportunity to see the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the hilly back drops, if you get the chance!

Next stop, Colorado Springs Colorado! With the picturesque Rocky Mountains as a back drop and the grassy plains in the foreground, there is no doubt of magnificent pic chances. My priority is however, my eldest daughter and her new home! Which I promise not to bore you with a thousand pictures of… Oh, also trout fishing, which I became proficient at last visit and what a hoot! Quite delish as well!

Promise to share some interesting images and fun info when I return, in the mean time-take care and be safe!

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